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Animal Ark
Author Ben M. Baglio
Genre children's books
Publisher Scholastic Corporation
Published 1994
No. of books 62

Animal Ark is a children's book series written by a collection of authors under the direction of Ben M. Baglio using the pseudonym Lucy Daniels starting in 1994.[1] They have now been published in the USA and many other countries. The age it is aimed at is usually agreed as 8 plus.

The general plot of each book features Mandy, the daughter of the local veterinarian, finding animals in trouble and trying to help them with the assistance of her best friend James, and other people in the village. Animal Ark is the name of the vet surgery.

The Animal Ark books have been adapted for a television series,[2] and a magazine, Animal Ark, has been published to accompany the books.[3] The magazine helps to support the Jean Byrd Animal Rescue and Education Centre near Shamwari, South Africa through the Born Free Foundation.[4]

Ben Baglio, the author, was born in New York, but lives in Great Britain. He has 2 Russian Blue cats called Benji and Peter. Ever since he was little he has grown up loving animals and reading. He had a dog called Nero. He has written numerous children's books.

The books[edit]

Note: Some editions of the books may be incorrectly numbered

Animal Ark[edit]

1. Kittens in the Kitchen
2. Pony on the Porch
3. Puppies in the Pantry
4. Goat in the Garden
5. Hedgehogs in the Hall
6. Badger in the Basement
7. Sheepdog in the Snow
8. Cub in the Cupboard
9. Piglet in the Playpen
10. Ponies at the Point
11. Owl in the Office
12. Lamb in the Laundry
12. Donkey on the Doorstep
13. Kitten in the Cold
13. Hamster in the Hamper
14. Goose on the Loose
15. Bunnies in the Bathroom
15. Calf in the Cottage
16. Hamster in a Hand-basket
16. Koalas in a Crisis
17. Squirrels in the School
17. Wombat in the Wild
18. Fox in the Frost
18. Roo on the Rock
19. Guinea-Pig in the Garage
20. Shetland in the Shed
21. Racoons on the Roof
21. Fawn in the Forest
22. Dolphin in the Deep
23. Bears in the Barn
23. Swan in the Swim
24. Foals in the Field
24. Lion by the Lake
25. Dog at the Door
25. Elephants in the East
26. Horse in the House
26. Monkeys on the Mountain
27. Pony in a Package
28. Puppy in a Puddle
29. Tabby in the Tub
29. Sheep at the Show
30. Pup at the Palace
31. Mare in the Meadow
32. Cats at the Campground
33. Hound at the Hospital
33. Otter in the Outhouse
34. Terrier in the Tinsel
34. Whale in the Waves
35. Hamster in the Holly
36. Husky in a Hut
36. Rabbits on the Run
37. Polar Bears on the Path
38. Labrador on the Lawn
38. Panda in the Park
39. Racehorse in the Rain
39. Tiger on the Track
40. Siamese in the Sun
40. Gorilla in the Glade
41. Kitten in the Candy Corn
42. Puppy in a Present
42. Chinchilla up the Chimney
43. Collie with a Card
44. Bunny in a Basket
44. Leopard at the Lodge
45. Giraffe in a Jam
45. Beagle in a Backpack
46. Hippo in a Hole
47. Husky with a Heart
47. Foxes on the Farm
48. Spaniel in a Stocking
48. Badger by the Bridge
49. Pony in a Pumpkin Patch
49. Deer on the Drive
50 Dalmatian in the Daisies
51. Wildlife Ways
52. Kitty in the Candy Hearts
52. Cats in the Caravan
53. Stallion in Spooky Hollow
54. Tabby under the Tree
54. Seals on the Sled
55. Corgi in the Cupcakes
56. Beagle in the Basket
57. Bunny on the Barge
58. Guinea-Pigs in the Greenhouse
59. Animals in the ark
60. Lambs in the Lane

Animal Ark Holiday Specials[edit]

1. Kitten in the Cold
2. Seal on the Shore
3. Hamster in the Holly
4. Animal Ark Favourites
5. Ponies at the Point
6. Pony in the Post
7. Pup at the Palace
8. Mouse in the Mistletoe
9. Porpoise in the Pool
10. Terrier in the Tinsel
11. Stallion in the Stable
12. Cat in the Candlelight
13. Labrador on the Lawn

Animal Ark Pets[edit]

1. Puppy Puzzle
2. Kitten Crowd
3. Rabbit Race
4. Hamster Hotel
5. Mouse Magic
6. Chick Challenge
7. Pony Parade
8. Guinea-pig Gang
9. Gerbil Genius
10. Duckling Diary
11. Lamb Lessons
12. Doggy Dare
13. Donkey Derby
14. Hedgehog Home
15. Frog Friends
16. Bunny Bonanza
17. Ferret Fun
18. Rat Riddle
19. Cat Crazy
20. Pets' Party
21. Foal Frolics
22. Cat's Cradle
23. Piglet Pranks
24. Spaniel Surprise
25. Pet Pals
26. Kitten Kisses(Christmas Special) 27. hound on the heath

Animal Ark Pets summer shows[edit]

1. Horse Hero
2. Calf Capers
3. Puppy Prize
4. Race Horse in the Rain
5. Foals in the Field
6. Ponies at the Point
7. Labrador on the Lawn
8. Husky in the Hut
9. Pony on the Porch
10. Dog at the Door

Little Animal Ark[edit]

1. The Playful Puppy
2. The Curious Kitten
3. The Midnight Mouse
4. The Brave Bunny
5. The Clever Cat
6. The Party Pony
7. The Lucky Lamb
8. The Cheeky Chick
9. The Happy Hamster
10. The Proud Piglet
11. The Fearless Fox
12. The Friendly Foal

Animal Ark Hauntings series[edit]

Animal Ark Hauntings are a series of spin-off books focusing on animal ghost stories.

1. Stallion in the Storm
2. Cat in the Crypt
3. Dog in the Dungeon
4. Colt in the Cave
5. Foal in the Fog
6. Hound on the Heath
7. Wolf at the Window
8. Deer in the Darkness
9. Mustang in the Mist
10. Cats in the Castle

Animal Ark Specials[edit]

1. The Kitten That Won First Prize: and other Animal Stories
2. Animal Ark Favourites

Other miscellaneous works[edit]

1.Labrador in the Leaves 2. Pigs at the Picnic 3. Colt on Christmas Eve 4. Poodle in the Pansies 5. Mustang in the Mist 6. Cat's Cradle 7. Dalmatian in the Dales

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