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Animal Justice Party
President Steve Garlick
Founded 2009
Headquarters Blakehurst, New South Wales, Australia
Ideology Animal rights advocacy
Colours Brown
House of Representatives
0 / 150
0 / 76
Politics of Australia
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Animal Justice Party (AJP) is a political party in Australia representing an animal rights perspective in the Australian political arena. On 3 May 2011, the Animal Justice Party was approved by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and AJP was federally registered as a political party under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, making the party eligible for federal funding.[1][2] AJP is the first political party in Australia formed to advance animal rights issues.[3]


The preamble of the AJP charter says the party "has been formed as a response to growing public concern about the neglect of animals and animal protection issues by political parties" and states its mission is "to promote and protect the interests and capabilities of animals by providing a dedicated voice for them in Australia’s political system." The party aims to give animals constitutional protection based on their sentience, as opposed to their instrumental value.[4]


In 2011, in the light of the an Australian Broadcasting Corporation's television footage showing abuse and the slaughter of cattle from the Northern Territory in conditions that would not have been permitted in Australia, as well as the consequential nationwide protests by supporters of animal welfare,[5] AJP, along with the Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union (AMIEU), sought a ban on live animal exports. Steve Garlick, president of the Animal Justice Party, said that rural Australia has been adversely affected by the export of live animals and argued that the export ban would result in economic and social benefit in the country.[5][6]

In the 2013 Federal Election the Animal Justice Party received criticism for preferencing the Liberal Party ahead of the Greens in the ACT senate. This decision ultimately resulted in a Liberal senator being elected ahead of the Greens candidate on Animal Justice Party preferences despite the fact that the Greens also oppose live export and are vocal on other animal rights issues. On the other hand, the Liberal Party supports live export. It has been suggested that on this basis the Animal Justice Party has harmed the interests of animal welfare through this controversial preference deal.[7][8][9]

The party has been involved in Glenn Druery's Minor Party Alliance.[10][11]

Candidates for 2013 Federal Election[edit]

The party endorsed Senate candidates in the 2013 Federal Election for the following states:

  • ACT: Marcus Fillinger (1), Jessica Montagne (2)
  • NSW: Mark Pearson (1), Kate Vickers (2)
  • QLD: Jeanette Peterson (1), Christopher O'Brien (2)
  • South Australia: Colin Thomas (1), Sally Sutton (2)
  • Victoria: Bruce Poon (1), Sarah Davison (2), Nyree Walshe (Melbourne), Rosemary Lavin (Batman)
  • Western Australia: Katrina Love (1), Alicia Sutton (2)

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