Animal Nightlife

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Animal Nightlife
Origin United Kingdom
Genres Sophisti-pop, instrumental
Years active 1980–1988
Labels Innervision, Island Records
Past members Andy Polaris (vocalist)
Leonardo Chignoli (bassist)
Flid (guitarist)
Billy Chapman (saxophonist)
Paul Waller (drummer)
Notable instruments
Male vocalists

Animal Nightlife was a British male vocal/instrumental group in the 1980s. It consisted of Andy Polaris on vocals, Leonardo Chignoli on bass, Flid on guitar, Billy Chapman on saxophone, Michael "Mac" McDermott on percussion, and Paul Waller on drums.[1]


Founded in 1980 in the London night club scene,[2][3] their sound has been described as white funk or cool jazz - an 1980s dance sound that is routed in blues, soul, R&B and jazz.[4] Their debut single, "Native Boy", came out on a label called Innervision and entered the UK Singles Chart at Number 60 in 1983. In August 1984 they reached Number 25 with "Mr. Solitaire", their most successful release. They hit the chart again in July 1985 with "Love is the Great Pretender", which reached Number 28.

Their first album, Shangri-La, was released on Island Records a month later in August 1985. The band ended its recording career in 1988 after the release of their second album, Lush Life, on Virgin subsidiary Soul II Soul.[5]

Frontman Andi Polaris has recently resurfaced creating fashionable window displays in Dalston's Oxfam shop.[6]



  • 1985: Shangri-La
  1. "Native Boy"
  2. "Waiting for the Bait to Bite"
  3. "Perfect Match"
  4. "Love is Just the Great Pretender '85"
  5. "Insomniazz"
  6. "Lazy Afternoon"
  7. "Between Lovers"
  8. "After Hours"
  9. "Basic Ingredients"
  10. "Throw in the Towel"
  11. "Bittersweet"
  12. "Mr Solitaire"

Shangri-la was released on Island Records (ILPS 9830). It entered the UK Albums Chart on 24 August 1985, and remained in the chart for six weeks, reaching number 36.[1]

  • 1988: Lush Life
  1. "Why Couldn't Your Black Heart Tell a White Lie"
  2. "Always Your Humble Slave"
  3. "TV Scene"
  4. "Sweet Smell of Success"
  5. "Boys With the Best Intentions"
  6. "Luck"
  7. "The War I Lost"
  8. "Mouth"
  9. "Last Hotel of the World"
  10. "Breakaway"


Animal Nightlife had four singles in the UK Singles Chart during the 1980s.[1]

Date of chart entry Title Label and reference Highest position Weeks in the chart
13 August 1983 "Native Boy (Uptown)" Innervision A3584 60 3
18 August 1984 "Mr. Solitaire" Island Records IS 193 25 12
6 July 1985 "Love is Just the Great Pretender" Island Records IS 200 28 6
5 October 1985 "Preacher, Preacher" Island Records IS 245 67 1

Band members[edit]

  • Andy Polaris: vocals (1980–1988)
  • Sally Gissing: vocals (1980–1981)
  • Lynn Harding: vocals (1980–1981)
  • Leah Seresin: vocals (1981–1983)
  • Chrysta Jones: vocals (1981–1983)
  • Billy Chapman: saxophone (1980–1988) [7]
  • Declan John Barclay: trumpet (1980–1983)
  • Steve 'Fild' Brown: guitar (1980–1988)
  • Steve Shanley: bass (1980–1983)
  • Leonardo Chignoli: bass (1984–1988)
  • Michael 'Mac' McDermott: percussion (1980–1983)
  • Dee C. Lee: Vocals (Occasional) [8]
  • Marc 'Yellowcoat' Kingman: Backing Vocals (Occasional)
  • Paul Waller: drums (1980–1986) [9]


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