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Animas Corporation is an American company that specializes in making insulin pumps, used by people with diabetes. The company was founded by Dr. Katherine Crothall in 1996, had its initial public offering in May 2004 under the ticker symbol 'PUMP', and was ultimately acquired by Johnson & Johnson on February 18, 2006. The business is headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania and forms part of the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes franchise along with Lifescan and several other companies producing medical products for the treatment and management of diabetes.

Animas 2020[edit]

The Animas 2020 is an insulin pump that carries 200 units of insulin and can be connected to an infusion set following the Luer standard. Its predecessor was the Animas IR1250.

The pump comes in five different colors, features a color screen and allows the user to have custom alarm tones. To improve treatment the system can save instructions to use when its user has a sick day and up to 500 rules set by the user on how to act on different occasions (such as when eating a certain food type).

Animas Ping[edit]

The Animas Ping is an insulin pump which communicates wirelessly with a meter/display device developed by Lifescan Scotland. [1]


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