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Logo of the Anime International Company.

Anime International Company, Inc. (株式会社アニメ・インターナショナルカンパニー Kabushiki gaisha Anime Intānashonaru Kanpanī?), often abbreviated as AIC, is a Japanese anime studio with headquarters in the AIC Digital Building in Nerima, Tokyo.[1][2]

The company was founded on July 15, 1982. In addition to producing anime for domestic consumption in Japan, AIC has provided animation assistance on other animated series such as Inspector Gadget. AIC has six divisions named "AIC ASTA", "AIC Build", "AIC Frontier", "AIC Plus+", "AIC Spirits" and "AIC Takarazuka". As of June 2006, AIC has commenced a joint-project with Singapore's NTU to develop the CACANI system, a software that generates in between from keyframes.

Some of the titles on the following lists were originally produced by Artmic before that company went out of business. Only the titles now owned by AIC are listed.


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  • Cacani
  • Artmic—Former Japanese studio that originally produced a lot of titles AIC now has


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