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Anirban (অনির্বাণ, in [Assamese and Bengali language] is a male Indo-Aryans Hindu name used by the Aryans of North-eastern India, including mainly the Assamese people and Bengali people.

In the Indo-Aryan language Sanskrit, "Anirban" means 'the flame that never burns out' or 'The Eternal Flame'. Virtually all of the people named 'Anirban' have their roots in the state of West Bengal, Assam and Tripura, three states in the Eastern and North-Eastern parts of India. Also the name 'Anirban' is very popular in Bangladesh.

A-Nirvan is an antonym of Nirvan. Anirban is means a person who is spreading an endless flame to the world. The Hindu god Vishnu also has another name called anirban as he is always reincarnating himself for the service of mankind. Anirban is a very famous name among the Bengali community all over the world.