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Clinical data
Trade names Eminase
AHFS/ Micromedex Detailed Consumer Information
Legal status
Pharmacokinetic data
Half-life 90 minutes
CAS number 81669-57-0 YesY
ATC code B01AD03
DrugBank DB00029
KEGG D02947 YesY
Chemical data
Formula ?
Molecular mass approx. 131,000 g/mol
 YesY (what is this?)  (verify)

Anistreplase is a thrombolytic drug.[1][2][3]

Anistreplase has been developed by Beecham as Eminase. It is also known as anisoylated plasminogen streptokinase activator complex (APSAC)


It is a complex of purified human plasminogen and bacterial streptokinase that has been acylated to protect the enzyme's active site. When the drug is administered, the acyl group gets hydrolyzed, thereby freeing the activator complex. It converts plasminogen to plasmin, which in turn degrades fibrin (blood clots) to fibrin split products.