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Dr.Anita Jose is an Indian born educator, business strategist, and essayist in the field of business management and policy.[1][2] Her research has included a focus in the areas of organizational strategy, international management, and business ethics/corporate social responsibility. She has done extensive research in EEOC programs and workplace conflict resolution with the Center of conflict Resolution at Salisbury University.[3][4][5] She has over 15 essays publications in professional journals and is a guest presenter and speaker at many conferences.[6] Her commentary has appeared in newspapers and television throughout the U.S and in India.[6]

Her research, reports, and articles have appeared in varied publications like the Journal of Business Ethics, Southern Law Journal, Business Intelligence, and Advances in Industrial Relations Research.[1] She received her doctorate from the University of North Texas and her MBA and MMGT from the University of Dallas.[1] She is currently the Director of the MBA Program at Hood College.[1]

Published Works[edit]

  • "Environmental Reporting of Global Corporations: A Content Analysis Based on Website Disclosures". (Co authored with Shang-Mei Lee)Journal of Business Ethics-2007.[7]
  • "Does Sustainability Pay? An Empirical Investigation into the Relationship between Corporate Environmental Performance and Stock Performance," (co-written with Shang-Mei Lee) Proceedings of the 2005 Society for the Advancement of Management Conference, In Search of a Winning Strategy-2005.
  • "Global Corporations and Environmental Management: Evidence from Corporate Websites." (co-authored with Shang-Mei Lee) Proceedings of the American Society of Business & Behavioral Sciences-2004
  • "An Evaluation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Mediation Program. The EEOC: Washington, D.C" (co-written with McDermott, P., Obar, R. & Bowers, M.)[8]-2000
  • "Institutionalization of Ethics: The Perspective of Managers" (co-written by Mary Thibodeuax)- 1999[9]
  • "Globalization of Business: Evolving New Strategies for Small Business Enterprises". The Indian Manager -1997

Editorial/Review Board Memberships[edit]

  • Journal of American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences[10]
  • Society for the Advancement of Management Conference
  • SAM Advanced Management Journal