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Anita Kert Ellis (born April 12, 1920, Montreal, Quebec, Canada) is a Canadian-born American singer and actress.


Ellis was born to Orthodox Jewish parents, Harry and Lillian Pearson (Peretz) Kert, her younger brother was actor/singer Larry Kert (1930-1991).

Ellis dubbed the singing voices of Rita Hayworth (notably in Gilda, 1946), Vera-Ellen and Jeanne Crain. She also sang on the radio and was a regular guest on The Red Skelton Show. She eventually ended her career in 1987 due to the extreme stage fright from which she had suffered for many years. A widow, she lives in Manhattan and suffers from Alzheimer's disease.[1] [2]


She performed in the following films:

Personal Life[edit]

She married Colonel Frank Welby Ellis (U.S. Air Force) on January 23, 1943; they divorced in 1946 (Colonel Ellis died in San Diego on Dec 18, 1957 and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery). She remarried to Mortimer Fromberg Shapiro (a neurologist) on July 31, 1960 and they remained together until Shapiro's death (June 6, 1995). Both unions were childless.


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