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ANIX Linux
Developer Angel van Delden
OS family Unix-like
Source model Open source
Latest release 1.0 Rev. 1 / 9 Jan 2011
Package manager dpkg / Synaptic Package Manager and Ubuntu Software Center
Platforms x86, mips
Default user interface GNOME
License Free software licenses mainly the GNU GPL
Official website

ANIX Linux is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 10.10. It was created as an alternative for small business owners and administrators. Distributed free of charge, ANIX Linux contains financial applications like GNUCash and EekBoek. ANIX Linux includes a XAMPP based Web server along with a PHP Point-Of-Sales System. ANIX Linux has been created with 3 main intentions:

To promote the usage of open software among Windows users and help small business owners to improve their business.


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