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Born Anjasmara Prasetya
(1975-11-13) November 13, 1975 (age 38)
Indonesia Blitar, Indonesia
Occupation Actor
Years active 1995 – presents
Spouse(s) Dian Nitami
Children Sasikirana Zahrani Asmara
Arka Setya Andipa Asmara
Amanda Annette Syariff (adopted child)
Aldi Syariff (adopted child)[1]

Anjasmara Prasetya is an Indonesian actor. Anjasmara began his career as a model and then he played the soap opera Romi and July with his then girlfriend Dian Nitami.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Anjasmara Prasetya or Anjasmara is a movie star and soap opera actor. Born in Blitar, East Java, 13 November 1975, began his career as a model.[1]

Prasetya came to know his wife, Dian Nitami, during modelling and soap opera activities, Anjas formally proposed to Dian on 17 June 1999. The couple have two children, Sasikirana and Arka Setya Andipa Asmar. They also have two adopted children Amanda Annette Syariff and Luther Aldi Syariff.[1]

As a superstar, Anjasmara ever faced a big problem, when his picture taken for an exhibition event reap the demands of a religious mass organizations. Photo featuring nude pictures of Anjas with photo model Isabel Yahya was considered pornography .[1]

After Anjas was examined at the police department, Anjas admitted regret for what he did. Anjas and the religious mass organizations withdrew demands originally aimed at Anjas .[1]


He starred in the soap opera Romi and Juli with his future wife, Dian Nitami. Anjas was busy with soap operas. His role as a stupid and funny man in the soap opera Si Cecep, gave him won the SCTV Award, Most Popular Actor category.[1]

Anjas played as a father in the movie Joshua, Oh, Joshua that was produced in 2000. Afterwards, Anjas starred in Koper in 2006.[1]


  1. Joshua, Oh, Joshua (2000)
  2. Koper (2006)[1]

Soap Operas[edit]

  1. Romi dan Yuli
  2. Mutiara Cinta
  3. Wah Cantiknya!!!
  4. Wah Cantiknya!!! 2
  5. Si Cecep
  6. Mukjizat Allah
  7. Cintaku Di Rumah Susun
  8. Cinta Indah
  9. Sulaiman
  10. Cinta Indah 2
  11. Indahnya Karunia-Mu
  12. Titipan Illahi
  13. UFO
  14. Anugerah[1]