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Anji Poster.jpg
Directed by Kodi Ramakrishna
Produced by Shyam Prasad Reddy
Written by Satyanand
Starring Chiranjeevi
Namrata Shirodkar
Tinnu Anand
Nagendra Babu
M. S. Narayana
Music by Mani Sharma
Cinematography Chota K. Naidu
Release dates
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget INR28 crore[1]

Anji is a 2004 Telugu (dubbed in Tamil as 'Kolli Malai, Hindi as Diler and in Malayalam as Chekavan) with Chiranjeevi in the lead role. The film was produced by Shyam Prasad Reddy, and bagged a National Film Award for Best Special Effects.The movie was inspired from Hollywood movies "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" directed by Steven Spielberg and "Romancing the Stone" directed by Robert Zemeckis


The Aatmalingam of the Himalayas possesses enormous divine powers. Once every 72 years, Akasa Ganga from sky flows into the Aatmalingam. Those who drink the holy water of Akasa Ganga become younger for eternity and gain supernatural powers.

In 1932, a youngster named Bhatia (Bhupinder Singh) attempts to get hold of Atmalingam and drink Akasa Ganga but ends up losing his right arm. As time progresses, Bhatia (Tinnu Anand) is now 99 years old. Bhatia searches for the traces of Aatma Lingam, but in vain. The Akasaganga is slated to flow to earth for Atmalingam in 2004 again. Finally he gets to know about a professor who made a lifetime research on Aatmalingam and Akasaganga who possesses vital information in a red diary.

Fearing for his life and this information, the professor sends the diary to his student Swapna (Namrata Shirodkar) who is in USA so that Bhatia will not be able to get divine powers. After receiving the diary, Swapna, sensing danger to her professor, comes back to India in search of her professor only to find him killed. While escaping from Bhatia, she runs into Anji (Chiranjeevi). Anji is a good Samaritan in Uravakonda forest area, who serves the most revered Sivanna (Nagendra Babu)- an ayurvedic specialist while also raising 4 orphans - Akshay Reddy Gaddam and others.

Oneday, Anji accidentally stumbles on 'Atmalingam' and gets it into his possession. After coming to know about it, Bhatia and his men are after Anji and Swapna. As the D Day of Akasa Ganga is fast approaching, Sivanna advises Anji that the Atmalingam should be sent back to where it belongs. The rest of the movie shows how Anji returns the Aatma lingam to the temple in Himalayas while also defeating Bhatia.


  • Chiranjeevi as Anji
  • Namrata Shirodkar as Swapna
  • Tinnu Anand as Bhatia
  • Nagendra Babu as Sivanna
  • Bhupinder Singh as Young Bhatia
  • M. S. Narayana
  • Saraswatamma
  • Akshay Reddy as Master Akshay
  • Bharat as Master Bharat
  • Vamsi as Master Vamsi
  • Meghna Gummi as Baby Meghna
  • Keerthana as Baby Keerthana
  • Nithya as Baby Nithya
  • Ramya Krishna has a special appearance in song "Chikbuk Pori"
  • Reema Sen has a special appearance in the song "Mirapakaya Bajji"
  • Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar(Roy) has a special appearance in the song"Manava Manava"


  • Production company: M. A. Arts
  • Visual effects: Firefly Creative Studio
  • Creatives for visual effects: Bapu
  • DVD release: Supreme Audio


Title Singer(s) Picturized on... Lyrics
"Chik Book Pori" Kalpana & Shankar Mahadevan Chiranjeevi & Ramya Krishna Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry
"Gumma Gulabi Komma" Karthik Raja & Shalini Singh Chiranjeevi Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry
"Abbo Nee Amma Goppade" S. P. Balasubramaniam & Kalpana Chiranjeevi & Namrata Shirodkar Bhuvana Chandra
"Mirapakaya Bajji" S. P. Balasubramaniam & Radhika Chiranjeevi & Reema Sen Bosubabu Siddey
"Manava Manava" Saandip & Sunita Chiranjeevi & Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar(Roy) Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry
"Om Santhi Om Santhi" Ganga Sitharasu & Shankar Mahadevan Chiranjeevi & Namrata Shirodkar Chandrabose



This high-budget production took nearly six years to complete, hit the screen with a record 303 prints. In spite of its mind-boggling graphics and huge star cast, the film fell flat. Shyam Prasad Reddy reshot several scenes multiple times. It was dubbed into Malayalam as Chekavan, Tamil as Kolimali Singam, Hindi as Diler. The son of noted music director Chakravarthy, Sri, composed the song "Chikbuk Pori", but he was uncredited.


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