Anji (instrumental)

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Song by Davy Graham from the album 3/4 AD
Released 1962
Genre Folk
Length 2:27
Label Topic
Writer Davy Graham
3/4 AD track listing
Davy's Train Blues
Song by Bert Jansch from the album Bert Jansch (album)
Released April 16, 1965
Genre Folk
Length 3:15
Label Transatlantic
Writer Davy Graham
Producer Bill Leader
Bert Jansch (album) track listing
Dreams of Love
Song by Simon & Garfunkel from the album Sounds of Silence
Released January 17, 1966
Recorded December 13, 1965
Genre Folk
Length 2:17
Label Columbia
Writer Davy Graham
Producer Bob Johnston
Sounds of Silence track listing
Somewhere They Can't Find Me
Richard Cory

"Anji" (or "Angi", "Angie" or "On gee") is an acoustic fingerstyle guitar piece composed and recorded by noted folk guitarist Davy Graham in 1961 and originally released as part of his EP debut 3/4 AD.[1] The piece is one of the most well-known acoustic blues-folk guitar pieces ever composed, with many notable artists covering it, such as Bert Jansch (included on his first self titled album in 1965, renamed as Angie[2]), Simon and Garfunkel (on their Sounds of Silence album[3]) and Harry Sacksioni. Anji is in the key of A minor (often used with a capo at the second fret) and is notable for its trademark descending bassline. However, the original recording by Davy Graham is in the key of A with a capo at the third fret.

Parts of the tune were sampled for the Chumbawamba track "Jacob's Ladder" from their album Readymades and the anti-war single "Jacob's Ladder (Not In My Name)".


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