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Ankawa is located in Iraq
Coordinates: 36°13′45″N 43°59′37″E / 36.22917°N 43.99361°E / 36.22917; 43.99361Coordinates: 36°13′45″N 43°59′37″E / 36.22917°N 43.99361°E / 36.22917; 43.99361
Country Iraq
Governorate Erbil
Municipality Ankawa
Population (2011)
 • Total 30,000
  The town received thousands of Assyrian refugees from Baghdad and Mosul

Ankawa (Syriac: ܥܢܟܒܐ, Arabic: عنكاوا‎, ‘ankāwā) is an Assyrian town in Iraq.


Ankawa was originally called Beth Amka, which later morphed to Amku-Bad, Amkawa, and finally Ankawa. The name of the town has been mentioned in different historical books, including Bar Hebraeus' book titled "A Brief History of the Countries", where the he states:

Mongolian troops attacked the area of Erbil on Sunday July 1285 and reached some villages.....including Ankawa.

Ankawa was also mentioned in the book "The Country's Christian", written by Jean-Maurice of France.


Ankawa has many archaeological sites, including "The Hill" which was recorded as an archaeological site in Iraq in 1945.

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