Anker Engelund

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Anker Engelund
Anker Engelund
Born 30 May 1889
Denmark Randers
Died June 6, 1961(1961-06-06) (aged 72)
Occupation Civil engineer
Senior Professor

Anker Dolleris Engelund (1889–1961) was a Danish civil engineer and university professor.


In 1928, he became professor of building statics at the Technical University of Denmark. He became rector of the technical university (1941–1959), during the period of the university's expansion at Østervold. Despite restricted admissions, the university still did not have sufficient space and Engelund was responsible for developing plans for further expansion. This resulted in a decision in 1958 to move the university to Lyngby. Anker Engelunds Vej at the university Lyngby campus is named after him. Engelund developed the idea of creating the Danish Ingeniørakademi - The Engineering Academy, where there would be less emphasis on the theoretical aspects of engineering, and shorter courses. He was responsible for setting up a Danish inspection body to inspect welds in load-bearing structures and pressure vessels (1940).

Engelund was responsible for the design work on:

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