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Anna Livia Julian Brawn (November 13, 1955 in Ireland – August 5, 2007 in California), who used the pen name Anna Livia for her novels, was a "widely read lesbian feminist writer and linguistic theorist",[1] well known for her fiction and non-fiction regarding issues of sexuality. From 1999 until the time of her death she was a member of staff at University of California, Berkeley.


She had travelled to Australia on holiday in the late 1970s where mother had moved to - and where her sister and family were living at the time. Components of her first novel Relatively Norma stem from that visit.

When she died, an article appeared in the Guardian which stated that she "...gave birth to some of the most witty, politically astute and challenging women's writing of the late 20th century", and "...was one of the most widely read of that generation."[1]



Short stories[edit]

  • Minimax (1992)


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