Anna Maria Lena

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Cyprus "Anna Maria Lena"
Eurovision Song Contest 1984 entry
Antreas Pavlou
Andy Paul
Andy Paul
Andy Paul
Pascal Stive
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ ""I Agapi Akoma Zi"" (1983)   
""To Katalava Arga"" (1985) ►

"Anna Maria Lena" (Greek script: Άννα Μαρία Λένα) was the Cypriot entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1984, performed in Greek by Andy Paul.

The song was performed seventh on the night (following the United Kingdom's Belle & The Devotions performance of "Love Games" and preceding Belgium's Jacques Zegers' "Avanti la vie"). At the close of voting, it had received 31 points, placing 15th in a field of 19.

The song is a love ballad directed towards the titular character, with Paul singing "your name is all I sing, Anna".

The song was directed by Peter Ware, Matt Aitken & Mike Stock as a Peter Waterman Production - related to the famous British songwriting and record producing trio Stock Aitken Waterman, who would again collaborate on the United Kingdom's 2010 entry, "That Sounds Good to Me".

It was succeeded as Cypriot representative at the 1985 Contest by Lia Vissi with "To Katalava Arga".