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Anna Melikian (Анна Меликян) (born February 8, 1976 in Baku, Soviet Union) is an Armenian-Russian film and TV director/ producer whose work has been recognized with several awards. After her participation at Sundance Film Festival she was listed in the TOP 10 of most perspective film directors by Variety magazine.[1]

Melikian studied at the All-Russian State University of Cinematography film school in Moscow (classes of prof. Sergey Solovyov and Valery Rubinchik), where she was awarded by the university prize of "Saint Anna" for Poste restante (2000). After the graduation she was granted by GosKino Russian organization, made various documental and TV films. In 2008 Melikian's Rusalka (2007) was awarded by the Berlin International Film Festival Prize.




  • Zvezda (Звезда, "Star") 2014
  • Rusalka (Русалка, "Mermaid") 2007
  • Mars (Марс) 2004
  • Poste restante (До Востребования) 2000


  • Domovoy (2008) (producer)
  • Semeyka Ady (2007) (co-producer)


  • Rusalka (Русалка, "The Mermaid") 2007
  • Mars (Марс) 2004


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