Anna Miełżyńska

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Anna Miełżyńska
Coat of arms
Spouse(s) Remigian Zaleski
Teresa Zaleska
Noble family Miełżyński
Father Łukasz Miełżyński
Mother Elżbieta Czacka
Born about 1600
Died after 1640

Anna Miełżyńska (about 1600-after 1640) of the Nowina clan was a Polish noble lady, the wife of Remigian Zaleski, Castellan of Łęczyca and the mother of Teresa Zaleska, who was the grandmother of Catherine Opalińska, the Queen consort of King Stanislaus Leszczynski of Poland.[1] Her father was Łukasz Miełżyński (about 1560-1628), who was the Castellan of Gniezno (he is referred in some sources as Count). Her mother was Elżbieta Czacka (about 1575-after 1612).

Ancestor of the European royalty[edit]

Through Catherine Opalinska's daughter, Maria Leszczyńska, who was the Queen consort of King Louis XV of France, Anna Mileżyńska is a matrilineal (mother to mother) ancestor of the former King Juan Carlos I of Spain (see Matrilineal ancestry of King Juan Carlos I of Spain), Henri, Count of Paris, the father of the current Orleanist and Unionist Pretender to the French throne and Prince Lorenz of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este, the son-in law of King Albert II of Belgium.

Anna Milezynska was also a matrilineal ancestor of King Manuel II of Portugal, the last Portuguese monarch, Queen Isabella II of Spain, the second female monarch of Spain, Charles II, Duke of Parma and the last of only two Kings of Etruria and Ferdinand IV, the last Grand Duke of Tuscany.

Among her descendants (in not-matrilineal line of descent) are King Umberto II of Italy, the last king of Italy, Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg and King Philippe of Belgium.

Ancestry of Anna Miełżyńska[edit]

Mikołaj Miełżyński
Wojciech Miełżyński
Róża Brudzewska
Łukasz Miełżyński, Castellan of Gniezno
Jan Iwiński/Iweński of Tomice
Jadwiga Iwińska
Barbara Potulicka
Anna Miełżyńska
Jan Czacki
Balcer Czacki
Anna Chwalkowska
Elżbieta Czacka
Maciej Brzozogajski
Katarzyna Brzozogajska
Jadwiga Lubiatowska