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For other Annas of Hungary, see Anna of Hungary (disambiguation).

Anna of Hungary (c. 1260 – 1281) was a daughter of Stephen V of Hungary and Elizabeth the Cuman, who was daughter of Köten, a chief of the Cuman tribe. Her mother had been a pagan before her marriage.

On 8 November 1273, Anna married Andronikos II Palaiologos. He was the eldest surviving son of Michael VIII Palaiologos and Theodora Doukaina Vatatzina. He was co-emperor with his father since September 1261.

According to George Pachymeres, the couple had two children:

  • Michael IX Palaiologos (17 April 1277 – 12 October 1320).
  • Constantine Palaiologos, despotes. (c. 1278–1335). Married firstly Eudokia, a daughter of Theodore Mouzalon and a woman of the Kantakouzenos family. Married secondly Eudokia Neokaisareitissa. He also had a mistress, Kathara, who was in the service of his second wife. Constantine was forced to become a monk by his nephew Andronikos III Palaiologos.
    • Eudokia Palaiologina. Only legitimate daughter of Constantine and Eudokia Neokaisareitissa. John VI Kantakouzenos records her marriage to Demetrios Tsamplakos, megas stratopedarches.
    • Michael Katharos. Illegitimate son of Constantine and Kathara. A favorite of his paternal grandfather Andronikos II in the later years of his reign.

Anna died before her husband became senior emperor in 1282. However every Palaiologos emperor to the Fall of Constantinople in 1453 descended from her through her son Michael.


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Anna of Hungary (Byzantine empress)
Born: c. 1260 Died: 1281
Royal titles
Preceded by
Theodora Doukaina Vatatzina
Byzantine Empress consort
with Theodora Doukaina Vatatzina (1273–1281)
Succeeded by
Theodora Doukaina Vatatzina