Anna of Nassau-Dillenburg

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This article is about the wife of Otto V of Brunswick-Lüneburg. For the wife of Albert of Nassau-Weilburg, see Anna of Nassau-Dillenburg (1541-1616).
Anna of Nassau-Dillenburg
Anna of Nassau-Dillenburg
Spouse(s) Otto V, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Philip I, Count of Katzenelnbogen
Noble family House of Nassau
Father John IV, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg
Mother Maria of Loon-Heinsberg
Born c. 1441
Died 8 April 1514(1514-04-08)

Anna of Nassau-Dillenburg (c. 1441–1514) was a Flemish-German philanthropist.

Anna was the eldest daughter of John IV, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg, and his wife Maria, the daughter of John II, Count of Loon-Heinsberg. Anna was married firstly (1467) to Otto V 'the Magnanimous,' Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg. With Otto's early death (1471), her father-in-law, the elderly Duke Frederick acted as guardian of her son, Duke Henry I (1468–1532). Anna remarried (1474) to Philip I, Count of Katzenelnbogen (1402–1479), as his second wife, and went to reside under his roof. After Philip's death, the duchess returned to Celle in Brunswick, where she was appointed as guardian to her son after the death of his aged grandfather. Anna founded and established the hospital of St Anne in the suburbs of the town of Celle. She died there aged seventy-two on April 8, 1514.


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