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Annamalai rajini.jpg
Directed by Suresh Krishna
Produced by Pushpa Kandaswamy
Written by Suresh Krishna
Shanmuga Sundaram
Starring Rajinikanth
Sarath Babu
Radha Ravi
Nizhalgal Ravi
Music by Deva
Cinematography P. S. Prakash
Edited by Ganesh Kumar
Distributed by Kavithalayaa Productions
Release dates
26 June 1992
Country India
Language Tamil

Annamalai is a 1992 Tamil film directed by Suresh Krishna, starring Rajinikanth, Kushboo and Sarath Babu in the lead roles. It is a remake of Krishnam Raju's movie Prana Snehitulu, which was a remake of Rakesh Roshan's Hindi movie Khudgarz, which was in turn based on Jeffrey Archer's novel Kane and Abel. It was again remade into Telugu in 1993 as Kondapalli Raja with Venkatesh, Suman and Nagma,[1] and into Kannada in 2003 as Gokarna starring Upendra, Rakshita and Madhu Bangarappa.[2]


Annamalai (Rajinikanth) and Ashok (Sarath Babu) have been best friends since childhood. Annamalai is a milkman while Ashok is the only son of a rich businessman (Radharavi). When Ashok falls in love with Geetha (Rekha), a poor girl, his father is naturally against the wedding. Annamalai holds the wedding and earns his ire. Meanwhile, Annamalai falls for Subu (Kushboo Sundar), whom he subsequently marries.

Ashok's father, plotting to drive a wedge between his son and Annamalai, hints that he would like to build a hotel on Annamalai's land. Annamalai gives the land to Ashok without even accepting money for it. When Ashok's father later talks about bringing down his house, he slaps Ashok's father in anger. Ashok orders Annamalai's house to be bulldozed which drives Annamalai to challenge that he would become a bigger and more successful hotelier than his friend. Annamalai, with his hard work and honesty, becomes the biggest businessman in the city.

Annamalai's daughter and Ashok's son study in the same college and they fall in love. Annamalai is against it because of the hatred that he has for Ashok. During an auction, Annamalai tricks Ashok to buy a plot for 120 million which not worth more than 2. Ashok's house has to be sold for the debt of 120 million and Annamalai buys it. With all goodness in heart and the old friendship in mind, Annamalai gives the house to Ashok. Annamalai's mother (Manorama) returns the house documents to Ashok and his father pleads for pardon. Meanwhile, Sargunam (Nizhalgal Ravi) plans to kill Ashok for money and hires an assassin (Tiger Prabhakar). Annamalai saves him and they become friends again. They plan to get their children married to each other, and "They live happily ever after."



Originally, Kavithalaya Productions had chosen director Vasanth as the director of Annamalai, but he opted out due to "personal reasons". Suresh Krissna was later finalized for the director's part, after veteran director K. Balachandar had requested him to do so.[3][4]


Soundtrack album by Deva
Released 1992
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Producer Deva
Deva chronology
Vaigasi Puranthachu

The music of the film has been composed by Deva, with the lyrics penned by Vairamuthu.[5]

No. Song Singers Duration
1 "Annamalai Annamalai" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, K.S. Chitra 03:54
2 "Kondayil Thaazham Poo" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, K.S. Chitra 04:46
3 "Oru Pen Pura" K.J. Yesudas 04:50
4 "Rekkai Katti Parakudhu" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, K.S. Chitra 04:53
5 "Vanthenda Paalkaran" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam 04:23
6 "Vetri Nichayam" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam 01:44


The film was a blockbuster and completed a 175-day run at the box office. Annamalai introduced the trend of an opening theme song for Rajinikanth films thereafter. The film is rumored to have grossed about INR 150 million and was the highest grossing film in Rajinikanth's career until 1995 when the record was broken by Baasha.[6]


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