Anne (ship)

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Career (United Kingdom)
Name: Anne or Ann
Owner: Princep and Saunders
General characteristics
Tons burthen: 384 (bm)
Complement: 42
Armament: 12 guns

Anne was a 384 ton merchantman and convict ship that was dispatched in 1800 from Ireland to Australia.

She is believed to have been a Spanish or French vessel known as Luz St Anne or Luz St Anna, she was captured by the English. A vessel Nostra Senora da Luzet Santa Anna is identified as being captured in 1799 by the armed transports Dover and Cecilia.[1]

Under the command of James Stewart, she sailed from Cork, Ireland on 26 June 1800, with 147 male and 24 female convicts. While sailing to Australia, a mutiny on board the ship was put down. She arrived at Port Jackson on 21 February 1801. Twenty male convicts died on the voyage. Anne left Port Jackson on 9 July bound for China.[2]

Lloyd's List reported in January 1801 that the Botany Bay ship Ann had been at Rio de Janeiro, having sailed in company with a several ships of the East India Company. She was one of the vessels in the convoy at the Action of 4 August 1800, when HMS Belliqueux and the East Indiaman Exeter captured the French frigates Concorde and Médée.[3]


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