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Anne Brown is a writer and editor in the role-playing game industry.


Brown began working as an Assistant editor for Dragon magazine in 1989, on issues #147 to #151 (July–November 1989). She was later transferred to TSR's Games Division. She worked mostly as an editor, although she did design a number of modules and supplements including Falcon's Revenge, Falconmaster, and Flames of the Falcon (Greyhawk, 1990, with Richard W. Brown), Ship of Horror (Ravenloft, 1991), Unsung Heroes (Dragonlance, 1992), Aurora's Whole Realms Catalog (Forgotten Realms, 1992), and Children of the Night: Ghosts (Ravenloft, 1997). Brown was a vocal advocate within TSR of the Greyhawk setting, and designed the Player's Guide to Greyhawk (1998).[citation needed] Brown's Player's Guide to Greyhawk and Roger E. Moore's Return of the Eight and The Adventure Begins returned TSR to Greyhawk, and according to Shannon Appelcline "moved the setting's metaplot well beyond the Greyhawk Wars to a new era that that was lighter and more magical than that of From the Ashes".[1]

Brown left TSR in August 1997, and did work for Fast Forward Entertainment from 2002-2003. She has also written educational nonfiction books for middle schoolers.


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