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Anne Leer is a strategist, operational manager, public speaker, government advisor, and author.[1] Leer also contributes articles to the newspaper press and trade journals, and lectures at business schools. She has worked for international media organisations such as Paramount, Oxford University Press, BBC, and Financial Times/Pearson.

Early life[edit]

Anne Leer spent her childhood in Norway, in the village of Larsnes on a remote island on the west coast called Gurskøy, and also in the coastal town of Kristiansand. Her father Egon Leer-Salvesen was a vicar in the Lutheran church and an author of many books. Her mother Marte Leer-Salvesen was one of the first women to qualify as a theologian. Her father died when he was only 40, leaving his six children and young wife. Her mother went on to have a long successful career as a groundbreaking pedagogue; she also wrote books.

Professional career[edit]

Anne Leer moved to the UK as a young teenager. She was primarily educated at schools and Universities in England, including Princeton College, Polytechnic of Central London, College of Rippon and York St John’s, University of Leeds and the University of Oxford. She was also awarded a CandMag from the University of Trondheim in 1992 with a thesis on "Television without frontiers, beyond 2000".


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