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Anne Marie Trechslin (b. July 17, 1927 in Milan, Italy; d. June 28, 2007 in Bern, Switzerland) was a Swiss painter, wood engraver, draftsperson and illustrator.


Trechslin studied painting in Paris and at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Bern. Afterwards she attended painting courses in Italy and England. She gained international recognition with her watercolors of birds and flowers. Trechslin’s watercolor paintings are realistic rendition of plants and their harmonic depiction. She is known mainly for her expert illustrations of art and botanical books on flowers, especially roses, camelias and orchids.

In 1983 she illustrated a bibliophyle edition of the first volume of a series on masdevallia orchidaceae, the text being written by taxonomist Dr. Carlyle August Luer, co-founder of the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida and senior curator at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis [1][2][3] The next volumes of the series were published by the American Orchid Society with illustrations by Stig Dalström of Florida. She also illustrated several books on roses written by Stelvio Coggiatti expert of the scientific commission of the Enciclopedia Agraria Italiana and vicepresident of the Associazione Italiana della Rosa .

She had personal exhibitions of the works in Basel, Bern, Klosters, Paris, Rome, Florence, Perugia and Malta. She also presented to Queen Fabiola of Belgium her watercolor painting of the “Pascali rose”, a Belgian cultivar which had received several international prizes. Thereafter, the presents her painting of the “Queen Elizabeth Rose” to the Queen Mother Elizabeth of the United Kingdom.[4]

In 2000, at the request of abbot Philippe Chèvre of Zürich she illustrated a bible in the manner of illuminated manuscripts [4]

In 1963, during the International Congress of Roses, the major of Nashville, Tennessee, offered her the key to the city. In 1987 she received the Paul Haupt Prize for the book illustrationss[5][6]

Series of postal stamps based on Anne Marie Trechslin’s watercolor paintings of flowers, fruits and birds were issued by the Republic San Marino and by Switzerland. For the "Year of the Rose 2002", the "Pro Juventute" Foundation issued a series of semi-postal stamps also presenting Trechslin’s paintings of the “Christmas Rose” and the rose cultivars "Ingrid Bergman", "Charmian", "Belle Vaudoise" und "Frühlingsgold". Rubbing the stamps with the finger makes them exude a rose scent, while the Christmas Rose stamp exudes a scent of fir, cinnamon and carnation. Trechslin was awarded the "Cavallino d'Oro Prize" in Venice for her postage stamps. .[7][8]

The artist also worked for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and for the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle of Paris.

Rosarian Jean-Marie Meilland named a rose cultivar in her honor.[9]

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