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Annie Sue
The Muppets character
First appearance The Muppet Show
Created by Jim Henson Productions
Portrayed by Louise Gold
Species Muppet pig
Gender Female

Annie Sue Pig is a puppet character on The Muppet Show. Annie Sue is a young pig whom Kermit the Frog hired as a singer, and Miss Piggy's imagined rival. Although the puppet had appeared as a minor character in several episodes, most prominently the second season episode featuring Elton John, the character was not properly introduced until the third season, where she was hired as a girl singer. Her hiring provokes an immediate jealous rage from Miss Piggy, who considers Annie Sue a threat to her career and to her romantic pursuit of Kermit. Annie Sue, on the other hand, idolizes Piggy, and seems blissfully unaware of the hatred she provokes. Annie Sue is depicted as sweet, shy and a little dim. Her musical numbers are generally "cute", occasionally provoking ire from other characters (Rowlf is especially vocal when forced to accompany her in a cloying song called "Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Bow-wow".) However, there is little doubt she is a gifted singer and dancer, and unlike the entitled Piggy she is entirely without guile.

Annie Sue is mostly featured in the third Season, where she had several solo numbers, including her own opening number, Chikko Ticko Tock, which she performed with The Muppet Pigs. In subsequent seasons, the character's prominence decreased, though she was briefly featured in the last Muppet Show episode to air, featuring Roger Moore.

Annie Sue was puppeteered and voiced by British actress (and puppeteer) Louise Gold, who also played other characters on the show and participated in several Muppet movies and specials. Muppet chronicler Christopher Finch wrote that Gold was "the most versatile female puppeteer to work on The Muppet Show [and] the only British member of the cast."[1] Annie Sue was the first puppet character to be specifically designed for Gold to perform. As Gold is left-handed, Annie Sue is one of the few right-handed hand-rod Muppet characters. An exception was in the "Carbon Paper" performance, when Frank Oz took over the role for that one number (puppetry only). Gold performed Annie Sue in the Muppeteers' tribute at Jim Henson's memorial service. Annie Sue also made an appearance in The Great Muppet Caper, and can be seen in the audience on Muppets Tonight. Because she is Gold's character, Annie Sue was also featured in clips from The Muppet Show in the BBC Television documentary 'The Wonderful World of Puppets' (screened in 3 January 2000, which covered the history of British TV puppetry from Muffin The Mule to Flat Eric).

Annie Sue returned in Muppets Most Wanted.[2]


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