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Patisia (Greek: Πατήσια) is a neighbourhood of central Athens, Greece. It is split in two neighbourhoods: Ano Patisia (upper Patisia) and Kato Patisia (lower Patisia). The main streets of Patisia are Patision Av. and Acharnon Av.

Ano Patisia[edit]

Ano Patisia is the northern, upper part of Patisia. It is a served by the Ano Patisia station of the Athens metro (ISAP). Near the station there are many businesses and shops, as well as one of the largest private schools in Greece, Lycée Léonin. Further from the train station, there are the premises of Titan Cement, a Greek cement company, as well as buildings of many automotive companies. Ano Patisia has pharmacies and a hospital, the Geniko Nosokomeio Patision. Development in Ano Patisia began in the 1870s.

Kato Patisia[edit]

Kato Patisia is the southern, lower part of Patisia.

Coordinates: 38°02′N 23°44′E / 38.033°N 23.733°E / 38.033; 23.733