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Not to be confused with Another World (TV series).
Another Life
Genre Soap opera
Created by Roy Winsor
Bob Aaron
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 875
Original channel CBN
Original run June 1, 1981 (1981-06-01) – October 5, 1984 (1984-10-05)

Another Life is an American television soap opera produced and broadcast by the Christian Broadcasting Network from June 1, 1981 to October 5, 1984. It was co-created by Roy Winsor and Bob Aaron, and ran for 875 episodes.


Another Life attempted to combine standard afternoon intrigue with religious overtones, as many characters were portrayed as born-again Christians who relied on the power of prayer to solve their problems.

Through its run, Another Life revolved around the Davidson family; including widowed matriarch Terry Davidson (Mary Jean Feton), the head of nursing at the local hospital; teenage son Peter (Darrel Campbell); and daughter Lori (Jeannette Larson and later Debbie McLeod), who later married Dr. Ben Martin (Matt Williams); as well as their friends and neighbors. The show's main villains were Terry's half-sister, Nancy Lawson, her former lover and local businessman Charles Carpenter, and his daughter Miriam Carpenter Mason; the latter later became a Christian.

In a nod to how The Secret Storm began its story, Terry's husband Scott Davidson and Nora Lindsay (Terry and Nancy's mother) were killed in a car accident, on New Year's Eve. One of the show's more successful alumni, Susan Scannell, who played aspiring model-turned-singer Becky Hewitt, left after the first year to join the cast of Search for Tomorrow .

One of the creators of the show, Bob Aaron, left the show, after a dispute on one of the show's most heavy-handed moments. In one story, Adulterous character Jeff Cummings (Tom McGowan), who was a neighbor to the Davidsons, was in the hospital suffering from cancer, and was miraculously healed when a beam of light entered his hospital room. Declaring such soap writing "deplorable", Aaron quit the show soon after.

Set in the fictional east coast town of Kingsley (ostensibly thought to be in Virginia), the show was taped in CBN's hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Reruns of the series were shown on TBN during the late 1980s and early 1990s, but have not aired in the United States since.

Title sequences and theme music[edit]

During its first nine months on the air, Another Life had a simple opening shot of a beach at sunrise. Brent Havens, who was the music director of CBN's signature show, The 700 Club, composed the theme music. The original opening and closing arrangement consisted of a trumpet solo, backed by quietly played strings and a Fender Rhodes electric piano, which was a frequently used instrument in the show's music cues.

In March 1982, a new, jazzier opening was introduced. This sequence consisted of dramatic scenes from past episodes (which changed regularly), and close-ups of all the main characters. At the end of the montage, a shot of Terry Davidson dissolved into the sunrise beach scene from the original opening. A "hotlicks" version of Brent Havens' theme music was used for the new opening, but the quiet original arrangement continued to be used for the end credits, which featured stills from that day's episode.

International airings[edit]

The show aired in the United Kingdom on the God Channel, and in the Middle East on METV.


Actor Character Role
Mary Jean Feton Terry Davidson Phillips Head of the nursing department at Kingsley Hospital. Mother of Lori and Peter. Widow of Scott; half sister of Nancy. A constant source of strength to those she knows. She later married Dr. Dave Phillips.
John Corsaut Scott Davidson Anchorman of the news for Kingsley's local TV station, husband of Terry. Father of Peter and Lori. Was killed in a car accident along with his mother in-law, Nora Lindsay on New Years Eve.
Jeanette Larson and Debbie McLeod Lori Davidson College student at Kingsley College. Originally involved with Russ Weaver, but would later marry Dr. Ben Martin; daughter of Terry and Scott. She later became a nurse at the hospital along with her mother. Was the victim of malicious gossip spread by Miriam Carpenter.
Naomi Riseman Nora Lindsay Mother of Terry Davidson and Nancy Lawson. Was killed along with her son in-law, Scott Davidson on New Years Eve in an auto accident.
Darrel Campbell Peter Davidson Student: son of Terry and Scott, known for his wisecracks.
Matt Williams Dr Benjamin 'Ben' Martin Local doctor; later married Lori Davidson
Nancy Mulvey Nancy Lawson One of the show's main villains; Terry's half-sister, aunt to Peter and Lori. Daughter of the late Nora Lindsay.
Edye Byrde Ione Redlon Receptionist at clinic; mother of Gene and one of Terry's best friends.
Elain Graham Carla Redlon Singer and wife of Gene
Eddie Hailey Gene Redlon News reporter who worked with Scott Davidson, son of Ione, husband of Carla.
Joe James Monroe "Monk" Lassiter Juvenile delinquent turned Broadway dancer.
Alan Sader Harold Webster Local lawyer, friend of Charles Carpenter
Julie Jenny Barbara 'Babs' Farley Harold's squeeze, a friendly good natured woman, with a quick sense of humor.
Randolph Kraft Charles Carpenter Local businessman, villain, married to Helen, father of Courtney and Miriam; former lover of Nancy Lawson.
Suzanne Grandfield Helen Carpenter Wife of Charles, mother of Courtney and Miriam.
Susan C. Carey Courtney Carpenter Daughter of Charles and Helen, sister of Miriam.
Ginger Burgett Miriam Carpenter Mason Daughter of Charles and Helen, another villain, was responsible for spreading gossip about Lori Davidson, but recanted after Lori was proven innocent; formerly married to Paul Mason; mother of his son, Erick; sister of Courtney; embraced Christianity with a vengeance after being kidnapped; would later leave Kingsley with lover Jeremy Lancelot for Canada.
Kelly Gwinn Hugo 'Lance' Lancelot (Miriam's kidnapper), and Jeremy Lancelot (Lance's twin brother) Hugo kidnapped Miriam, and as a result, she embraced Christianity with a vengeance. Jeremy fell for Miriam and she left Kingsley with him to go to Canada.
Chris Roland Russell 'Russ' Weaver Kingsley College student, the school's football hero. Lori's former lover and fiancee. Became involved with Becky Hewitt, Lori's best friend. Was shot, had an out of body experience and was revived. He converted to Christianity soon after that. Later married a girl named Carrie.
Marty McGaw Carrie Weaver Woman who later married Russ Weaver after his conversion to Christianity.
Peggy Woody Amber Phillips Model. Daughter of Dave and Kate Phillips, sister of Stacey.
Karen Chapman Stacey Phillips Daughter of Dave and Kate Phillips. Later the stepdaughter of Terry Davidson.
Tom Urich Dr. Dave Phillips Originally married to Kate and father to their daughters, Amber and Stacey. A doctor at Kingsley Hospital. Later fell in love with and then married Terry Davidson.
Dorothy Stinnette Kate Phillips Carothers Married to Lee Carothers, former wife of Dr. Dave Phillips. Mother of Amber and Stacey. Was later murdered.
Jim Williams and Paul Gleason Lee Carothers One of the wealthiest residents of Kingsley. Later married Kate Phillips.
Sue Scannell Becky Hewitt Student/Singer; Lori's best friend and college roommate, later married - and divorced - Russ
Diane Seely Vanessa Fazan A hypnotist who was not very liked in town.
Tom McGowan Jeff Cummings Next door neighbor, along with his wife, Liz, of the Davidsons. Father of a daughter, Jennifer Cummings. At first did not like Scott Davidson, due to his investigation of where he was working. Was very hard-drinking, heavy smoking and exceedingly adulterous, until he embraced Christianity.
Carolyn Lenz Liz Cummings Jeff's wife, Terry's neighbor and friend. Mother of Jennifer. She has troubles with her husband until he sobers up and becomes a Christian.