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Ansaldi was an Italian automobile manufacturer founded in Milan in 1904 by Michele Ansaldi an engineer, designer, and industrialist. The only car they produced was sold as the F.I.A.T. Brevetti after the company was taken over in 1905.

In 1904 the Ansaldi automobile company in Milan manufactured a small car with a Fiat 10/12 HP engine. It featured the world's first 'pre-formed' chassis, plus a drive shaft and differential unit with bevelled gears and universal joints.

In 1905 Fiat bought Ansaldi and launched the car as the Fiat-Ansaldi 10-12 HP. In 1906 it was renamed the Fiat Societa-Brevetti, and 1,600 were produced by 1912 with the Fiat Brevetti 2.[1][2]

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  • This article contains some information translated from the French Wikipedia.

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