Ansar English School

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Ansar English School, Perumpilavu
Ansar logo.JPG
Perumbilavu , Thrissur Dist , Kerala
Coordinates 10°42′02″N 76°05′24″E / 10.70069°N 76.08996°E / 10.70069; 76.08996Coordinates: 10°42′02″N 76°05′24″E / 10.70069°N 76.08996°E / 10.70069; 76.08996
Motto Every students to grow into an personality having the traits of scholarship, good character, leadership and
Established 1983
Principal Mr. Mohammed Rasheed C
Staff 150+
Number of students 4000+
Campus size 16 acres
Affiliation CBSE , New Delhi

Ansar English School is a private school run by Ansari Charitable Trust (a non-profit charitable organization) located in Perumpilavu, Thrissur district, Kerala, India. The school, founded in 1983, has 4000+ students. Ansar English school is affiliated with the CBSE, New Delhi . The school's current principal is Mr.Mohammed Rasheed .C and vice-principal is Mrs.Sahira Ahammed.

The vision and mission of the school is as follows.


Every graduating student is empowered with the highest spiritual and intellectual competencies to be able to lead the building of a orally upright ,welfare world


To facilitate very student to grow into an integral personality having the traits of character, scholarship, leadership and citizen ship


Durable moral qualities such as integrity , courage, fortitude, honesty,loyalty and trustworthiness which reflect in one’s personality, behaviour and actions


Profound learning, observing discovering and applying knowledge to enable one to exercise the responsibility s a voice of reason and conscience in the society.


The power to choose the right direction towards fulfillment in life ,to lead the self and to powerfully influence, inspire and lead the rest.


To be considerate of others and to contribute positively for the well being of the society – locally, nationally and globally

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