Ansbert of Rouen

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Saint Ansbert of Rouen
Born Chaussy-sur-Epte
Died 695
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Canonized Pre-Congregation
Feast February 9

Ansbert of Rouen[1] (died 695) was a Frankish Benedictine abbot, bishop and Catholic saint.

Born at Chaussy-sur-Epte, tradition states that Ansbert was engaged to marriage to Saint Angadrisma before this saint became a nun. He served as chancellor at the court of Clotaire III. He became a monk and abbot of Fontenelle Abbey.

He then became bishop of Rouen, as the successor of Ouen. However, he was exiled by Pepin of Heristal. He went to the monastery of Hautmont where he stayed until his death.

His feast day is 9 February.


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