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Ansel may refer to:


  • ANSEL, American National Standard for Extended Latin Alphabet Coded Character Set for Bibliographic Use, is a character set used in text encoding
  • Ansel Adams Award (disambiguation), various awards


Given name[edit]

Ansel is derived from the same root as Anselm. Mediaeval Germanic name of uncertain meaning, perhaps 'follower of a nobleman' or 'god's helmet'. Also spelt Ancel.

  • Ansel Adams (1902–1984), American photographer, best known for his black and white photographs of California's Yosemite Valley
  • Ansel Briggs (1806–1881), first governor of Iowa (1846-1850)
  • Ansel Elgort (1994- ), American actor and musician
  • Ansel Franklin Hall (1894–1962), American naturalist
  • Ansel Sterling (1782-1853), United States Representative from Connecticut
  • Ansel Talbert (?-1987), American aviation journalist
  • Ansel Williamson, African American thoroughbred horse racing trainer (19th century)
  • Ansel Watrous, U.S. newspaper editor and historian
  • Edgar Ansel Mowrer, American journalist, awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1933 for his reporting on the rise of Adolf Hitler

Family name[edit]

  • Karen Ansel, noted film and TV computer graphics specialist in the United States
  • Martin Frederick Ansel (1850–1945), Democratic Governor of South Carolina (1907-1911)


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