Anselm Franz von Ingelheim (Archbishop of Mainz)

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For the 18th-century bishop, see Anselm Franz von Ingelheim (Bishop of Würzburg).
Archbishop Anselm Franz von Ingelheim

Anselm Franz of Ingelheim (1634–1695) was Archbishop-Elector of Mainz from 1679 until his death in 1695.

Anselm became prince-bishop of Mainz on 7 November 1679 and thus was an elector of the Holy Roman Empire. He crowned the empress Eleonor Magdalene of Neuburg, the wife of emperor Leopold I, in 1689 and one year later their son Joseph I, as the King of Hungary.

The sixteen-year reign of Anselm Franz was clouded by the constant effort around peace and neutrality and the devastation of the War of the Grand Alliance, which caused him to live in exile in Aschaffenburg. He died there in 1695.

Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Karl Heinrich von Metternich
Archbishop of Mainz
Succeeded by
Lothar Franz von Schönborn