Anselmus de Boodt

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Anselmus de Boodt
Anselmus de Boodt.tif
Anselmus de Boodt
Born 1550
Died 21 June 1632
Nationality Belgian
Fields mineralogist

Anselmus de Boodt (also Anselmus Boëtius de Boodt) (Bruges, 1550 - Bruges, 21 June 1632) was a Belgian mineralogist and physician from the city of Brugge during the European Renaissance. Along with the "Father of Mineralogy", the German known by his nom de plume Georgius Agricola, Anselmus is responsible for establishing the modern geological earth science study of mineralogy. Anselmus was an avid mineral collector. He travelled widely on collecting trips to the mining regions of Germany, Bohemia and Silesia. His definitive written work was the Gemmarum et Lapidum Historia.

Anselmus and his work were also mentioned briefly in Helena de Jong's Bibliography.

Anselmus Sr, father of Anselmus de Boodt, with Family Jan Breydel en multiple Mayors of Brugge (Painter: Pieter Pourbus) Members of the 'Confederation of the Holy Blood'


Anselmus came from an aristocratic background, and was of the Roman Catholic faith. Although he was born and died in what is now Belgium, much of his career was spent in Bohemia. He studied law at the University of Louvain, studied medicine under Thomas Erastus at Heidelberg, and received a medical degree at Padua. Throughout his education and career (until he was about 35) he was supported financially from the wealthy base of his family.

He was never priest but received as lay a prebende of canon.

In his later written Gemmarum et Lapidum Historia, Anselmus made a concerted systematic effort to list and describe some 600 known minerals, describing their properties and medical uses.

In 1583 he was serving a Wilhelm Rosenberg as a physician in Prague, Bohemia, yet during the 1580s he was known to have been involved in the financial administration of the city of Bruges. He was also known to have been a friend to the Bohemian naturalist, philosopher and historian Thadeus Hayek.


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