Ansfried of Utrecht

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St. Ansfridus. Small fine bronze of the fountain "Li bassinia" (Huy).
Ansfridus and Hilsondis. Stained glass windows in the abbey of Thorn, 1956.

Saint Ansfried (Ansfrid, Ansfridus) of Utrecht (died 3 May 1010 near Leusden) was Count of Huy and the sword-bearer for Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor.

He was married to Heresuint or Hilsondis. After his wife's death, Ansfried wanted to become a monk. However, the emperor Otto made Ansfried the bishop of Utrecht (995–1010), today in the Netherlands, then a part of the Holy Roman Empire. Before that Ansfried had founded the abbey of Thorn, near the present-day border between Belgium and the Netherlands. In the abbey of Thorn, Ansfried invested his daughter as abbess. As bishop, he founded the abbey of Heiligenberg. He then became a monk after he became blind. His feast day was 3 May but was later moved to 11 May.

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Preceded by
Baldwin I (bishop)
Bishop of Utrecht
Succeeded by
Adalbold II of Utrecht