Anson County Schools

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Anson County Schools
Type and location
Type Public
Grades PK–12
Country United States
Location Anson County, North Carolina
District information
Superintendent Gregory A. Firn
Accreditation Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Schools 11
Budget $ 41,424,000
NCES District ID 3700180[1]
Students and staff
Students 3,845
Teachers 248.47 (on FTE basis)
Staff 266.57 (on FTE basis)
Student-teacher ratio 15.47:1
Other information

Anson County Schools is a PK12 graded school district serving Anson County, North Carolina. Its 11 schools serve 3,845 students as of the 2010–2011 school year.


Attempts at common schools began in Anson County as early as the mid-1700s. The Revolutionary War and its aftermath halted progress in this area for a while. Later, many academies and subscription schools abounded in the area.[2]:183 One of the first in the area was Wadesborough Academy which was authorized by the state legislature in 1791. Fundraising was often done by state-authorized lotteries.[3]

Although no records exist that show when the first public schools were officially formed in the county, by 1899 there existed 50 schools for white students and 37 for black students. At that time, the school year was only about three to four months long.[2]:188–189 They still had 87 schools by 1912 with over 100 teachers. The school year was expanded to six months in the 1920s.[4]:17

School consolidation began after World War I, culminating in the merger of Wadesboro City Schools into Anson County Schools in 1960, shortly after the consolidation of Anson High School. Bowman High School, named for former long-time superintendent J. O. Bowman opened as an integrated school in 1967,[2]:189–191 after originally being built to be a segregated school.[5]

Through the 1930s to the 1950s, Anson County Schools was governed by a five-member Board of Education and was divided into six school districts. Each of these districts had a committee authorized to hire their own principals and teachers, as well as set district calendars. During this time the split year schedule was developed because of the rural, farm family demographics of the school students. The school year would start in early July and last for several weeks taking a break in mid August until after harvests were finished. The regular, longer school year would then start in late October.[4]:33

Student demographics[edit]

For the 2010–2011 school year, Anson County Schools had a total population of 3,845 students and 248.47 teachers on a (FTE) basis. This produced a student-teacher ratio of 15.47:1.[1] That same year, out of the total student population, the gender ratio was 50% male to 50% female. The demographic group makeup was: Black, 59%; White, 32%; Hispanic, 3%; Asian/Pacific Islander, 2%; and American Indian, 1% (two or more races: 3%).[6] For the same school year, 76.59% of the students received free and reduced-cost lunches.[7]


The primary governing body of Anson County Schools follows a council–manager government format with a nine-member Board of Education appointing a Superintendent to run the day-to-day operations of the system. The school system currently resides in the North Carolina State Board of Education's Sixth District.[8]

Board of Education[edit]

The Anson County Schools Board of Education elects seven members by district to four-year staggered terms. Two others are elected as at-large members. The board generally meets on the last Monday of each month. The current board is:[9]

District members
  • Daniel Wilson (District 1)
  • Bobbie Little (District 2) (Vice-Chair)
  • Beulah Pratt (District 3)
  • Lisa G. Davis (District 4) (Chair)
  • Russell Sikes (District 5)
  • Michael Livingston (District 6)
  • Carol Ann Gibson (District 7)
At-Large members
  • Marilynn Bennett
  • George Truman


The current superintendent of Anson County Schools is Gregory A. Firn. He has been superintendent since 2007 and has now resigned his position of superintendent in 2013.[10]

Member schools[edit]

Anson County Schools has ten schools ranging from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade. Those ten schools are separated into four high schools, one middle school, and six elementary schools.[11]

High schools[edit]

Middle schools[edit]

  • Anson Middle School (Wadesboro)

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Ansonville Elementary School (Ansonville)
  • Lilesville Elementary School (Lilesville)
  • Morven Elementary School (Morven)
  • Peachland-Polkton Elementary School (Peachland)
  • Wadesboro Elementary School (Wadesboro)
  • Wadesboro Primary School (Wadesboro)

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