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Saint Anstrudis of Laon
Born unknown
Died 688
Honored in
Roman Catholic Church
Feast 17 October

Saint Anstrudis (Anstrude, Austru, or Austrude) (b. unknown - 688). Anstrudis was the daughter of Saint Blandinus and Saint Salaberga, who were the founders of the Saint John the Baptist Convent at Laon. She was also the sister of Saint Baldwin.


When St. Salaberga withdrew from the world to become abbess at the convent, Anstrudis went with her. Upon her mother's death, Anstrudis became the abbess, albeit reluctantly. She was noted for the care for her sisters, her all night vigils, and her self-imposed austerities. Except on Sundays and on Christmas Day she never took any nourishment but at one moderate refection she made in a day at three o’clock in the afternoon, and on fast-days after sunset.[1]

Her brother Baldwin was treacherously assassinated, and she herself terrified with outrageous threats by Ebroin, mayor of the place. However, he was at length softened by her intrepid constancy and virtue and innocence, and from a persecutor became her patron and friend. Pepin, when Mayor of the palace, declared himself her strenuous protector.[1]

Anstrudis died in 688 of natural causes. Her feast day is celebrated on 17 October. Anstrudis is remembered in the Gallican and Benedictines calendars.[1]