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Web address
Slogan Every Question Deserves a Great Answer
Type of site
Q&A website
Available in English
Owner Demand Media
Launched 2003
Current status Active

Answerbag (known colloquially as "AB") is a collaborative online database of FAQs, where questions are asked and answered by users. Instead of the one question—one answer model, multiple answers to a given question are presented, in descending order of user ratings. As of December 2006, Answerbag was the second largest social Q&A site next to Yahoo! Answers.[1] In a comparison with Yahoo! Answers and MSN Live QnA, Cnet declared that Answerbag was neck and neck with Yahoo! Answers.[2]

A user who has created an account can ask and answer questions, comment on answers, rate questions and answers, and suggest new categories. Users have profile pages where their points and submissions are reviewable by other users, and 'leaderboards' show current and all-time contributors in categories such as "Most questions asked" and "Most positive ratings received."


Answerbag was founded in July 2003, by Joel Downs and acquired in early 2006 by Infosearch Media. However, on October 3, 2006, Answerbag announced it would join with Demand Media. Although there is not a real document for the history of Answerbag ever since its creation in 2003, one of the oldest users has answered some questions by including certain parts of Answerbag 1.0 and 2.0.[clarification needed][citation needed] In late 2006, Answerbag received press attention by announcing that it would release a read/write API for their Q&A database.[3] Answerbag has changed its format and completely overhauled the design of its site recently.[when?]

Answerbag released the first Social Q&A API in February 2007, allowing other sites to read Q&A and contribute new Q&A from their users into the shared Answerbag database.[4]

On August 1, 2007 Answerbag publicly announced the creation of community leader roles, who are chosen by site staff to help moderate the site and manage content.

On December 2007, member Kyogre-Stataen presented a special document known as Project Answerbag. This document consisted of a complete series of descriptions of the structure of Answerbag, moderations, and points systems. After a short time, several users have adopted these guidelines as the official structure of Answerbag. It is still uncertain whether Project Answerbag has officially been declared as the official document on Answerbag, since no official authority has been issued at this time.[5]

In late 2009, Answerbag was made over with a new design and features, including a private message system. The redesign did not go over well with many veteran members, as some have voiced their displeasure on the website.[6]

Comparison with Yahoo Answers[edit]

Answerbag has a smaller user community than Yahoo Answers. The time taken to receive an answer to a question is also relatively slower than that of Yahoo Answers.[citation needed] All the questions in Yahoo Answers are time based which means that a question will be removed when the time frame ends. Answerbag allows unlimited answer time in comparison to Yahoo Answers. Flagging a question is yet to be seen on Yahoo Answers. A distinctive feature of Answerbag is that it allows users to post pictures and video. [7]

Levels and ranks[edit]

Answerbag recognizes the most prolific members by awarding them points and medals, along with ranks. When a user receives points, the user levels up, but it takes more points for the user to level up the next time. The levels are as follows in order.

As a user also receives points, as it adds together, the user may also qualify in the ranking system, ranking from 1-100. The more points a user receives, the higher rank they will be.

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