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Not to be confused with Zhongshan Station on the Taipei Metro Tamsui Line.

Zhongshan Station (Chinese: 中山站; pinyin: Zhōngshān Zhàn) is the second Chinese research station in Antarctica and was opened on February 26th, 1989.

It is managed by the Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC). It is located at 69°22′23.36″S 76°22′17.14″E / 69.3731556°S 76.3714278°E / -69.3731556; 76.3714278, on Larsemann Hills in Prydz Bay in East Antarctica, a few kilometers from the Russian Progress II Station and the Romanian Law-Racoviţă Station.

The station is supplied by annual visits of the Chinese Antarctic support vessel Xuě Lóng.

The station can accommodate 60 summering personnel and 25 wintering personnel. It is a base for research on marine, glaciological, geological, and atmospheric sciences and for expeditions inland, such as to the Kunlun Station at Dome A.

According to The Age in January 2010 the station was visited by a delegation that included Xu Shaoshi, China's Minister for Land and Resources and the director of the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration, Qu Tanzhou.[1]

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It is about 15 km from the Indian Research station Bharti.


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