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Directed by Mrinal Sen
Produced by NFDC
Written by Saadat Hasan Manto (story)
Mrinal Sen (screenplay)
Starring Anjan Dutt
Dimple Kapadia
Tathagata Sanyal
Music by Sashi Anand
Cinematography Sashi Anand
Release dates
Country India
Language Bengali

Antareen (The Confined) is a 1993 Indian film in Bengali language, directed by Mrinal Sen, based on a story by Saadat Hasan Manto. It stars Anjan Dutt and Dimple Kapadia.[2][3] Antareen was the first non-Hindi project Kapadia took part in since Vikram (1986). She played a woman caught in a loveless marriage. Insisting on playing her part spontaneously, Kapadia refused do enroll in a crash-course in Bengali as she wrongly felt that she would be able to speak it convincingly. Her voice was eventually dubbed by actor Anushua Chatterjee, something Kapadia was unhappy with.[4]

At the 1993 National Film Award, it was awarded the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali.[1]


The young writer (Anjan Dutta) seeking inspiration is living alone an old mansion of friend in Calcutta, one night he starts talking to an anonymous stranger (Dimple Kapadia) over phone, the conversation soon develop into a relationship as details of their lives are revealed. Then they decide to meet on a train.[5]



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