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Antec, Inc.
Type Privately held company
Industry Computer industry Computer hardware Mobile devices
Founded 1986
Headquarters Fremont, California
Key people Andrew Lee (President)
Revenue Increase ~US$ 220 million (2011)
Employees 200+

Antec, Inc. is an American-based maker of Personal computer (PC) components and accessories.[1] Antec's principal products are computer cases and power supplies. Antec also offers PC cooling products and notebook accessories.[1] Founded in 1986, the company is headquartered in Fremont, California, U.S.A., with additional offices in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.[1] Antec products are sold in over 40 countries.It competes with other brands like Corsair and Cooler Master.[1]

Actual manufacturing of Antec products has been outsourced to China and Taiwan.[citation needed]



  • Open Air: LanBoy Air, Skeleton, Mini Skeleton-90
  • Performance One: P193, P183, P182, P180, Mini P180, Mini P180 White, P280
  • Sonata Family: Sonata IV, Sonata Elite, SOLO, Sonata III 500, Sonata Plus 550, Sonata Designer 500, Solo II
  • Gamer Cases: One, One Hundred, Two Hundred, Three Hundred, Three Hundred Two, Six Hundred, Nine Hundred, Nine Hundred Two, Eleven Hundred, Twelve Hundred, Nineteen Hundred, Dark Fleet, LanBoy
  • GX Series: GX500, GX700, GX900
  • ISK Series: ISK 100, ISK 110, ISK 300-65, ISK 300-150, ISK 310-150, ISK 600
  • New Solution Series: Minuet 350, NSK1380, NSK1480, NSK2480, NSK3480, NSK4480, NSK4480 II, NSK4480B, NSK4480B II, NSK4482, NSK4482B, NSK6580, NSK6580B, VSK-2000
  • Enterprise Server Chassis: Titan 650, Atlas 550
  • Rackmounts: 2U22EPS460, 2U26EPS600, 2U22EPS600, 3U26EPS600, 2U20ATX400XR-2, 2U20ATX550XR, 2U26ATX400XR-2, 2U26ATX550XR, 3U25ATX450XR-2, 3U25EPS550XR-2, 3U25EPS650XR, 4U22ATX450-2, 4U22EPS550-2, 4U22EPS650, Take 3 + 650, Take 4 + 650
  • HDD Enclosures: MX-1, MX-25, MX-100

Power supplies[edit]

  • High Current Pro: HCP-1200, HCP-850, HCP-750, HCP-1000 Platinum, HCP-1300 Platinum
  • High Current Gamer: HCG-900, HCG-750, HCG-620, HCG-520, HCG-400
  • TruePower New: TP-550, TP-650, TP-750, TP-750 Blue
  • CP: CP-850, CP-1000
  • TruePower Quattro: TPQ-1200, TPQ-1200 OC
  • NeoECO: 400C, 450C, 520C, 620C
  • EarthWatts: EA-380D Green, EA-430D Green, EA-500D Green, EA-650 Green, EA-750 Green, EA-450 Platinum, EA-550 Platinum, EA-650 Platinum, EA-750 Platinum
  • Basiq VP: VP350, VP450, VP350P, VP450P, VP550P
  • Basiq BP: BP350, BP430, BP500U, BP550 Plus

Mobile products[edit]

  • SP1: Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • gain: Wireless Bluetooth Receiver
  • dBs: Ear buds
  • iso: In-ear, active noise-canceling earbuds paired with wireless Bluetooth receiver


  • Notebook accessories: Notebook Cooler, Notebook Cooler To Go, NP 100
  • Cooling: TriCool, TriCool LED Fan, Big Boy fan, Pro Fans, SmartCool, LED Fans, Black Case Fans, SpotCool, Performance CPU Coolers, Solution Plus CPU Coolers, VCool, HD Cooler, Super Cyclone Blower, Cyclone
  • Other: ATX12V Tester, Serial ATA Adapter, Firewire Internal Adapter, Rackmount Accessories, Thermal Grease, Silver Thermal Compound[2]
  • EOL:
    • Signature: Signature 650, Signature 850
    • TruePower Quattro: TPQ-850, TPQ-1000
    • NeoPower: Neo HE 380, NeoPower 430, NeoPower 500, NeoPower 550, NeoPower 650, NeoPower 650 Blue
    • TruePower Trio: TruePower Trio 430, TruePower Trio 550, TruePower Trio 650

Antec Mobile Products (a.m.p)[edit]

In October 2012, Antec launched Antec Mobile Products, a wholly owned subsidiary created to manage the launch of Antec's new line of mobile devices known as a.m.p, or Antec Mobile Products.[3] The new product range includes a line of mobile audio devices, USB-powered battery packs and mobile chargers.

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