Antelope Valley Solar Ranch

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Antelope Valley Solar Ranch
Antelope Valley Solar Ranch is located in California
Antelope Valley Solar Ranch
Location of the Antelope Valley Solar Ranch in California
Country United States
Location Antelope Valley, California
Coordinates 34°46′30″N 118°25′30″W / 34.77500°N 118.42500°W / 34.77500; -118.42500Coordinates: 34°46′30″N 118°25′30″W / 34.77500°N 118.42500°W / 34.77500; -118.42500
Status Under construction
Construction began August 2011
Construction cost $1.36 billion[1]
Owner(s) Exelon
Solar farm
Type Flat-panel PV
Site area 2,100 acres (8.50 km2)
Power generation
Units operational 3,800,000
Nameplate capacity 100 (installed)
230 MW (max. planned)
Annual generation 623

The Antelope Valley Solar Ranch One (AVSR1), part of the Antelope Valley Solar Projects (also called the Solar Star Projects[2]), is a 230 MW photovoltaic solar plant near Lancaster within Antelope Valley, in the western Mojave Desert, Southern California. The project was developed by First Solar and later bought by Exelon Corporation in 2011.[3] In September 2011, the U.S. Department of Energy issued a $646 million loan guarantee to support the project's construction.[4] This loan guarantee was part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.[5] The project is expected to create 350 construction jobs and 20 permanent jobs.[4]

On February 20, 2013, the first 100 MW (AC) came online.[6] The plant is expected to be fully operational in June 2014, with approximately 3.8 million solar panels,[3] about 20% of which will be mounted on single-axis tracking racks[4] When fully operational, the plant is expected to generate enough energy for 75,000 homes, displacing 140,000 tons of CO2.[6] The power generated by AVSR1 is being purchased by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) under a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement.[4][6]

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