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AntennaPod Logo, January 2014.png
Screenshot antennapod
Screenshot of version
Original author(s) Daniel Oeh
Developer(s) Daniel Oeh
Initial release July 2012
Stable release / December 8, 2014; 14 days ago (2014-12-08)[1]
Development status active
Written in Java
Operating system Android 2.3.3+
Available in 33 languages, 7 full translations[2] languages
Type Podcatcher
License MIT

AntennaPod is a free and open source podcast aggregator for the Android operating system.[3][4]


  • Automatic update, download and streaming of episodes
  • Variable playback speed
  • Atom and RSS Feeds (possibly password protected)
  • Feed import/export with OPML
  • Integration of Flattr
  • Searching for podcasts and synchronizing with gpodder service[5]
  • support of mp3 chapters and podlove simple chapters[6]
  • support paged feeds [7]


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