Anterior inferior iliac spine

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Anterior inferior iliac spine
The obturator externus muscle
(anterior inferior iliac spine visible in upper right)
Right hip-joint from the front
(anterior inferior iliac spine visible at upper left)
Latin Spina iliaca anterior inferior
Gray's p.234
TA A02.5.01.112
FMA FMA:63614
Anatomical terms of bone

The anterior inferior iliac spine (abbreviated: AIIS) is a bony eminence on the anterior border of the hip bone, or, more precisely, the wing of the ilium (i.e. the upper lateral parts of the pelvis).

Function and context[edit]

The upper portion of the spine gives origin to the straight head of the rectus femoris muscle, while a teardrop-shaped lower portion gives origin to the iliofemoral ligament of the hip joint and borders the rim of the acetabulum.[1]

Antero-medially and inferiorly to the AIIS is the iliopsoas groove, the passage for the iliopsoas muscle as it passes down to the lesser trochanter of the femur. A vague line, the inferior gluteal line, might run from the AIIS to the greater sciatic notch which delineates the inferior extent of the gluteus minimus origin.[1]

The AIIS is formed from a separate apophysis.[1]

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