Anterior nuclei of thalamus

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Anterior nuclei of thalamus
Thalamic nuclei
Latin Nuclei anteriores thalami
Part of Thalamus
MeSH Anterior+Thalamic+Nuclei
NeuroNames hier-285
NeuroLex ID Anterior Nuclear Group
TA A14.1.08.603
FMA 62019
Anatomical terms of neuroanatomy

The anterior nuclei of thalamus (or anterior nuclear group) are a collection of nuclei at the rostral end of the dorsal thalamus.

Inputs and outputs[edit]

They receive afferents from the mammillary bodies via the mammillothalamic tract and from the subiculum via the fornix. In turn, they project to the cingulate gyrus.


These nuclei are thought to play a role in the modulation of alertness and are involved in learning and episodic memory.[1] They are considered to be part of the limbic system.

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