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Antescofo is a program developed by Arshia Cont at IRCAM to aid with the synchronization of electronics in live performances. It is a modular polyphonic Score Following system as well as a Synchronous Programming language for musical composition.[1] A common problem in electroacoustic is the displacement in time between the performer and the fixed electronic sound. Even if the trigger is synchronized at the beginning, there may still be a temporal discrepancy between both after a certain duration due to the natural inflection of time on the part of the human performer. Antescofo is able to recognize adjustment in tempo in real time through audio stream from live performers and detect its position in an input score, thus allowing synchronization. It is designed for use with Max/MSP and PureData programming. Some features also exist in NoteAbility Pro, a notation program developed by Keith Hamel, to export information specifically for Antescofo.[2]

It has been used by composers such as Marco Stroppa, Jonathan Harvey, Pierre Boulez, and Larry Nelson.[3]


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