Anthem of the Republic of Adygea

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Адыге Республикэм и Гимн
English: Anthem of the Republic of Adygea

National anthem of Republic of Adygea
Lyrics Iskhak Shumafovich Mashbash
Music Umar Khatsitsovich Tkhabisimov
Adopted 1992
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The Anthem of the Republic of Adygea, a federal subject of Russia is one of that republic's symbols, along with its flag and coat of arms. The lyrics were written by Iskhak Shumafovich Mashbash, and the music composed by Umar Khatsitsovich Tkhabisimov. The anthem was approved by decision of the Supreme Council of Adygea on March 25, 1992. This was one of the first decisions made by the republic's parliament after the collapse of the Soviet Union.