Anthology: SST Years 1985–1989

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Anthology: SST Years 1985-1989
Greatest hits album by Screaming Trees
Released July 16, 1991
Genre Grunge
Label SST
Screaming Trees chronology
Uncle Anesthesia
Anthology: SST Years 1985-1989
Sweet Oblivion
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Anthology: SST Years 1985–1989 is the first compilation album by the Screaming Trees, covering their tenure under SST Records. Anthology consists of three songs from the Other Worlds EP, and six each from the Even If and Especially When, Invisible Lantern, and Buzz Factory albums.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Barriers"
  2. "The Turning"
  3. "Other Worlds"
  4. "Transfiguration"
  5. "Don't Look Down"
  6. "Cold Rain"
  7. "In the Forest"
  8. "Back Together"
  9. "Other Days and Different Planets"
  10. "Walk Through to This Side"
  11. "Smokerings"
  12. "Ivy"
  13. "Grey Diamond Desert"
  14. "Night Comes Creeping"
  15. "Invisible Lantern"
  16. "Subtle Poison"
  17. "Windows"
  18. "Black Sun Morning"
  19. "Flower Web"
  20. "End of the Universe"
  21. "Where the Twain Shall Meet"