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Anthony J. Adams (born 1940) is an American optometrist.


Anthony Adams was born on October 12, 1940 and spent his childhood in a suburb of Melbourne called Kew. He obtained his bachelor's degree from the University of Melbourne in December 1962 and the same year got a license in optometry from the Victorian College of Optometry. Throughout five months he traveled in Victoria as itinerant optometrist and performed various fillin work. One time he was invited to Indiana University to obtain his master’s degree but got Ph.D. instead. There, in 1963, he met with the dean Henry Hofstetter and Gordon Heath, the later of whom became his mentor. In 1967 dean Meredith Morgan and professor Merton Flom took him in which upset the faculty. He then joined Berkeley Optometry as an assistant professor and got a $9,720 grant from Morgan herself. In 1968 he began his full career there and got into an argument with Lawrence Stark because he took a seat of Horace Barlow and Gerald Westheimer, and later on they came to an agreement that Stark will replace Harlow, while he will take Westheimer's seat.[1] Currently he works at the University of California, Berkley where he is a chief editor for Optometry and Vision Science journal and a dean emeritus at the same place.[2]


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